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Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Recipes tried so far...

I'm going to share with you throughout the year the recipes I made, where to find them, and how they turned out. Nervous about copyrights so I won't be retyping recipes in full, but instead will let you know what cookbook they came from. As I love the book site Goodreads, I will link the cookbook to it's review on Goodreads so you can see the book the recipe is from, if known. If interested, you could click the "Buy Now" button and it'll take you to someplace like

Lemon Bread from From Grandma's Kitchen by Gooseberry Patch.
All 3 boys loved the lemon bread itself, but only Nathan liked the syrupy topping. After the lemon bread bakes, you are to dissolve sugar in fresh lemon juice and pour it over the bread. That was too much for two of my boys but if they took the top off the bread that had the syrup on it, they loved the actual lemon bread itself. I made a note on the recipe to skip the syrup topping. Lemon juice is used only in the syrup topping. The lemon bread itself gets its lemon flavor from freshly grated lemon zest.

Food Network Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 issue
Guy Fieri's Soft Pretzels - Stuffed Pepperoni Pretzels.
These were an incredibly amount of work to make. You roll out a fourth of the dough to 11x14 inches, fold in thirds while adding the filling, then roll out to 11x14 inches again. I couldn't get the second roll to come out big enough and all the filling seemed to stay in the middle. I also couldn't get the dough to stick to itself  when I needed to pinch the pretzel strips closed before shaping them into a pretzel. All that being said, they tasted great! However, I baked them for 7 minutes not the 16 to 18 minutes the recipe called for at 475ºF. These tasted very good dipped into a warm marinara or pizza sauce. Levi and I loved them, but Danny and Nathan won't touch the leftovers although they ate them warm. This recipe took hours to make and was alot of work rolling the dough out 8 times so although it tasted great, I doubt I'd make it again due to it being so time consuming.

Food Network Magazine, Jan/Feb 2011 issue
Paula Deen's Double Chocolate Gooey Butter Cake
This recipe turned out great. It's something Paula Deen demonstrates how to bake at the Food Network's South Beach Wine and Food Festival. This was an easy cake to bake but it's a little different. It's rather a cross between a brownie and a cake. This recipe starts out calling for an 18.25oz package chocolate cake mix. I'm generally not a fan of recipes that use shortcuts as boxed ingredients can be more expensive and have additional preservatives in them. I wondered at first if I was following the directions correctly. Take the cake mix, and mix it with 1 egg and 1/2  cup of melted butter then spead and pat the mixture into the pan. This mixture is incredibly dry and crumbly and you still see raw dry cake mix after stirring what little liquid there is into it. However, the end result came out okay, so I must have done it right. Danny said the cake came out too "chocolately." It isn't called double chocolate for nothing. The optional whipped cream for the topping may have helped but would have added to the fat of this already fatting dessert. (The top of the cake already had more melted butter, 8oz cream cheese and 16oz of powdered sugar.) I also think it would have tasted good with the brownie cake served warm and topped with vanilla ice cream. Recommended but not if you're on a diet!

Later I will also share family favorite recipes I'm cooking up and how they save $, etc. For example, for lunch last week I made taco's for lunch using ground turkey. Even living in the midwest ground beef can run around $3/lb. If on sale, it can get down to $1.89/lb and once in a blue moon, it might get as low as $1.69/lb for 73% lean ground beef. However, I found one pound tubes of brand name ground turkey for just $1/lb and stocked up the freezer with 30lbs. After adding half a can of tomato soup concentrate and a packet of taco seasoning to ground turkey, none of us could tell we weren't eating ground beef. It tasted great, was healthier than red meat, and was half to a third of the price of ground beef.

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